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Re: [tor-talk] Bridge Communities?

Thus spake Alex M (Coyo) (coyo@xxxxxxxxxxx):

> On 04/13/2013 12:13 AM, Mike Perry wrote:
> >If you have a specific list of design flaws that aren't couched in
> >long rants, we can perhaps help instruct you on how you might
> >solve them in your redesign with Mr Disney, or at least point you
> >toward some tickets you two should read and follow during that
> >process. Otherwise, thanks for your concern/veiled
> >threats/trolling.
> Though, with that attitude of yours, I'm afraid I'm uninterested in
> any "assistance" you may deign to bestow upon Gregory Disney and I.
> I'm confident we can do just fine without your arrogance.

Ooh. A flame war. I love these. *Boop* I just took your nose over

> It concerns me that you refer to "we" as though you contribute
> anything to the tor project.

It's called solidarity. I won't stand idly by while you suggest that Tor
developers and relay volunteers could be murdered or threatened to
sabotage "our" project. As if such tactics would even work without
someone instantly running to EFF/ACLU or proposing a design change...

Perhaps I'm just annoyed you didn't include my name among the death
threats in your first rant.

Now you know better, I hope.

> I'm sure the tor coders are going to be more than happy to support
> the foss ideals in this case in regards to codebase forking rights.

Dude, the source code is BSD/MIT licensed. Sell binaries with your own
secret sauce to others if you wish. "We" don't care. Just don't tell
people you're giving them "Tor".

P.S. Cite your specific design concerns or this is my last reply to you
on this list. (I totally promise.. Flame wars are baaaad... Mmmkay?)

Mike Perry

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