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Re: [tor-talk] ExcludeEntryNodes

On Apr 13, 2013 2:19 PM, "hamahangi" <hamahangi@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> So why is there no ExcludeEntryNodes option? It seems to have been
> present at some point as there's reference to it in old mirrors of the
> documentation and on the blog[0], and the helpdesk advised me that it
> was still there, but I've tried it with both the stable and the alpha
> TBB bundles and they both keel over on startup with 'failed to parse'
> errors. Where'd it go?

We removed it long ago when we were simplifying our node-selection options
to make them actually work (and try to make them work as people expected).
The previous implementation was buggy in some places,  and it had usability
issues that made people expect it to act differently than it actually did.
It also interacted with guard nodes weirdly and confusingly IIRC. Check out
the changelog entries for bug 1090 for the whole ugly story.

I wouldn't mind taking a well-written, well-tested patch to add a feature
like this again, if somebody can write one that actually does it right this

>   There are two tickets open about this but neither
> has received comment.

Which numbers?

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