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Re: [tor-talk] ExcludeEntryNodes

#5903 and #6523. There seems to have been some fiddling with both but no
comments to speak of. Thanks for clearing up the reasoning behind your

Also a web search for "ExcludeEntryNodes" brought up a preparatory
commit you seem to have made earlier this year
I would have thought that the potential importance of the feature here
described in avoiding traffic correlation would outweigh the possible
disadvantage in having it behave unexpectedly, but I can't argue with
your experience.

Would listing all country codes except the one you wanted to avoid under
'EntryNodes' do for a temporary workaround? Is there a list of these
that Tor uses, or do I have to enter them manually? (I'm not a
programmer, evidently.)

Thanks for your response.


Nick Mathewson:
> We removed it long ago when we were simplifying our node-selection options
> to make them actually work (and try to make them work as people expected).
> The previous implementation was buggy in some places,  and it had usability
> issues that made people expect it to act differently than it actually did.
> It also interacted with guard nodes weirdly and confusingly IIRC. Check out
> the changelog entries for bug 1090 for the whole ugly story.

> I wouldn't mind taking a well-written, well-tested patch to add a feature
> like this again, if somebody can write one that actually does it right this
> time.
>>   There are two tickets open about this but neither
>> has received comment.
> Which numbers?
> Yrs,
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