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Re: [tor-talk] Bridge Communities?

On 04/13/2013 09:15 PM, adrelanos wrote:
Sebastian G. <bastik.tor>:
(Fun part?)
Not a fun part for me. It's sad that these concern have been raised by
a troll (or someone who doesn't know how to behave). However, these
concerns are valid, and from my perspective, I can't understand why
they are easily dismissed.

I don't see the problem. I HAVE been dismissed.

I'm surprised I haven't been IP-banned already, not that it would do any good.

IP bans are trivial to circumvent, and that's without using Tor.

About assassinating (double ass) the (core?) Tor people....

I have read that you can hire assassins on hidden-services.
Wouldn't it be ironic if one hires an assassin (or many of them)
via hidden-services to take the lives or Tor people?

They tend to pile up on something they call developers meeting
(aka DevMeeting). It's kind of public when and where such a
meetings will take place and who will attend to them.

The US owns drones (and they love to use them), European states buy
also drones so if someone gets accused for treason, which is
probably Mr. Jacob Appelbaum because of his relation to wikileaks,
while Tor is also a threat such a meeting would be a juicy target.
With someone killed for treason or terrorism (or supporting it) the
other dead bodies are just collateral damage.

That doesn't scare me.
It scares me.

I'd never want that to happen.
Me neither.

If it doesn't look like an accident (in this case or any other)
people will notice about them missing or being killed. I hope that
people will fight murders.

Tor might be dead, but people will be upset about the death of
innocent people.
Yes, people will be upset, too few to see things change. People
tortured in Guantanamo, Bradley Manning, list goes on... go through
things which are worse than death.

Which was my point. I don't want to see you guys hurt, even if you treat me like shit.

What's more concerning is that they could back-door Tor, all it
takes is to turn one developer around, let anyone know about the
back-door and people will loose trust.

That could kill Tor as well.
Or people who could help will finally help pushing the deterministic
build feature. Often a fail finally helps to make a change.

I hope so.

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