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Re: [tor-talk] Bridge Communities?

Sebastian G. <bastik.tor>:
> (Fun part?)

Not a fun part for me. It's sad that these concern have been raised by
a troll (or someone who doesn't know how to behave). However, these
concerns are valid, and from my perspective, I can't understand why
they are easily dismissed.

> About assassinating (double ass) the (core?) Tor people....
> I have read that you can hire assassins on hidden-services.
> Wouldn't it be ironic if one hires an assassin (or many of them)
> via hidden-services to take the lives or Tor people?
> They tend to pile up on something they call developers meeting
> (aka DevMeeting). It's kind of public when and where such a
> meetings will take place and who will attend to them.
> The US owns drones (and they love to use them), European states buy
> also drones so if someone gets accused for treason, which is
> probably Mr. Jacob Appelbaum because of his relation to wikileaks,
> while Tor is also a threat such a meeting would be a juicy target.
> With someone killed for treason or terrorism (or supporting it) the
> other dead bodies are just collateral damage.
> That doesn't scare me.

It scares me.

> I'd never want that to happen.

Me neither.

> If it doesn't look like an accident (in this case or any other)
> people will notice about them missing or being killed. I hope that
> people will fight murders.
> Tor might be dead, but people will be upset about the death of
> innocent people.

Yes, people will be upset, too few to see things change. People
tortured in Guantanamo, Bradley Manning, list goes on... go through
things which are worse than death.

> What's more concerning is that they could back-door Tor, all it
> takes is to turn one developer around, let anyone know about the
> back-door and people will loose trust.


> That could kill Tor as well.

Or people who could help will finally help pushing the deterministic
build feature. Often a fail finally helps to make a change.
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