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[tor-talk] Deterministic Builds - was: Bridge Communities?

Hi Gregory!

Gregory Disney:
> Let's not dread on things out of our control; IMO we should use these
> concerns to develop solutions then turn them into soultions that we can
> implement. Obviously we can't develop around assassinations nor state
> funded terrorism, but we can develop a solution for  backdoors
> and information leaks.


Let's talk about deterministic builds:

It looks like the Bitcoin software already supports deterministic Builds
with gitian:

I assume you're the Gregory Disney who is also one builder of those
Bitcoin deterministic builds? Since you're involved in Tor as well, I
seems to me you could be a great help by providing some information
about the Bitcoin build process.

Where are the instructions how I (or someone else) not involved in
Bitcoin development can produce bit identical builds of Bitcoin to match
the hash sums which are also distribiuted on sourceforge? If there are
none, could you provide them please?

Can their system be applied for Tor as well or are there any differences?

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