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[tor-talk] Individual bridge outdated?

My bridge usage in Vidalia has fallen to near zero since I've installed
portable transports; as a matter fact most of the traffic comes from a
remote dummy client I use for testing. I think this is a it should be,
but it brings up a few questions.

Examining how portable transports work it occurs to me that a user user
in a censoring country who has the package installed need not go through
the routine of the Setting > Network tab in Vidalia. That being the
case, was see utility in continuing to set up and run individual bridges?

Which relates to another question I've been wanting to ask for quite a
while. How is a bridge located in non-censoring country A useful to
someone in country B located an ocean away?  From the Message Log and
Network Map it's obvious that the bridge in A is furthest away from, not
nearest to, those who need it.

I'm not trying to be contentious, just wishing to understand more so
that I can be as helpful as possible. - eliaz

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