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Re: [tor-talk] CloudFlare

>> Protecting networks or hosts based on rumors and hearsay is a pretty
>> poor way to protect anything. Empirical data should rule the decisions.
>   Some people also make decisions based on perception of how likely traffic
> is to "convert" into sales or signups.  Which is also a very problematic
> way to look at things.

Let's take bitcoin for a sales example. There are lots of people who would
like to find a site that would actually take the sale. Some of those people
have needs to trade from work, or school, or to keep their ISP from
giving away their profile... Tor does that. So these sites are LOSING
business, lots of it, because they're being stupid about where someone
*appears* to be coming from and/or whatever else they see from there.
I don't know what business school they went to, but in my book you take
the sale and stay out of the privates of your customer.

And right now there is no law anywhere in the world that says you
cannot do business with customer merely for being via Tor. And only a
couple situations with banned countries and known agents lists. All
of which are addressible by KYC, if you are so regulated, to again
permit you to accept business from wherever. With bitcoin, or even
any other type of business, actual regulation which you MUST
follow by law often doesn't exist... only 'guidance' and broadly applied
best practice.

Within that realm of always being legal... there is thin and rich with
happy customers, all the way to broad and poor with a reputation
that minus1's you.

I think Amazon takes the sale via Tor :) Hats off to Jeff.
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