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Re: [tor-talk] CloudFlare

> You failed to demonstrate an understanding of the
> specific situation of wikipedia

Though the wikipedia problem model does apply to other usage scenarios
elsewhere, I did not intend or wish my posts as addressing the
wikipedia subthread but rather the practice of performing just IP
blocking in general.

With the growing knowledge of users regarding their online privacy,
and even interests in having anonymity and communication freedom
options, more are turning to tools like Tor. When their good intents,
participation in, and contributions to services are bluntly blocked
by IP filters, that's a problem.

We're all here because we believe and understand the same basic

>> Yes, it's a hard human problem. One for which I think there
>> are better solutions than just IP based blocking.

> Now, what would they be in this case?

If there's one thing this thread illustrates it's that one size
doesn't fit all. Different services have different possible solutions.

As you've noted, reputation (and learning systems in general) are
a powerful tool over time. With the same noted exception regarding
new users... the real world tells us that the first driveby from a
new user bent on trouble may not ever be truly preventable. Yet
input from other users and help desks into a good system can stop
that user rather fast. I hesitate to call any loss an acceptable
one, yet some tolerance from users and sites is necessary. If you
believe the world is good, that will come naturally and not be
entirely unpalatable. In English some people say 'shit happens'
and continue on with their day :)
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