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Re: [tor-talk] Tor's reputation problem with pedo, some easy steps the community could take

On 04/29/2013 10:19 PM, Joe Btfsplk wrote:
Chris, I agree in principal - about all sorts of illegal activity.
But how could that be done w/o *someone* overseeing all the internet
& deciding what should / shouldn't be accessible, becoming judge &
jury? I don't know a good solution to this old question.

On 04/29/2013 10:11 PM, h0ost wrote:
Calls such as these, to begin systematic attempts at flagging
directories and removing links, are nothing but thinly disguised
attempts at imposing censorship and control on the Tor network. Let's
be honest and call it what it is.

To answer two questions at once:

There is no single right solution! And there is no easy solution. Never.

With censoring child porn. I believe it's a good thing. To help the

Abusing that censorship to censor political speech: absolutely not.

And there are many shades of grey. Blocking known criminals that peddle
malware: yes please. Even though I believe we should strive for better
operating systems that are immune to these attacks. Having a censor
blocking these sites makes my life easier so I don't have to *second
guess* every website out there. That only makes me paranoid.

Like most things, it's a matter of balance. And eternal vigilance. And
oversight over the censors. Guarding the guards. I certainly want to
hold my censors accountable.

Even better, let me select my censors to my liking. Filter child porn
and criminals and politicians that I don't like all you want. I decide
whether to use your filter or not.

Let's make sure there is always Tor to overcome too restrictive censors.

Regards, Guido.
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