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Re: [tor-talk] Tor's reputation problem with pedo, some easy steps the community could take

>I recognize that free speech means free speech for everyone, even those
>with views that we find objectionable, but there's nothing to stop the
>community from turning a cold shoulder to these people who see informed
>consent as being an optional or academic concept.

        Public relations, yes. I think the Tor community needs to strenghten its ties with big American firms like, say, Google, and especially with the American military. Tor people can stress the fact that Tor is used by the American military and that it helps them murder any kind of deviants who resist American rule (for instance, muslims).

        Now, I see that you are concerned about "informed consent". I'm wondering if you are then campaigning against so called social security, public education, taxes, and ultimately the state itself? I mean, if you're really worried about 'consent'...

        But maybe you are working on a more limited scope now, and you just want to stop parents indoctrinating 'their' children with religious garbage? Surely children are not giving "informed consent" when subjected to religious brainwashing...




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