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[tor-talk] Anonymous Blogging with Tor and Wordpress?

Hello, everyone.  :)

First of all, I just want to give a huge thanks to everyone who's involved
with Tor.  Ever since I started using it, I have felt a refreshing sense of
freedom and empowerment that I did not at all anticipate when I downloaded
the Tor Browser.  I am now speaking up boldly on issues that I wouldn't
have dared to voice an opinion on for fear of a nasty corporate lawsuit or
a figurative online lynching.  And, as I listen to the perspectives of
people responding to my thoughts, I am even becoming willing to speak about
the issues under my "real" internet name.  So thank you very much--I'll be
recommending Tor to my friends and family for all their anonymity needs.

Okay, so on to my question.  I've been thinking about writing a hosted
Wordpress blog anonymously via Tor, but I can't find any up to date
information on the topic.  The source that I see splashed everywhere is
Ethan Zuckerman's guide, but that hasn't been updated since
2009--practically 10,000 years ago in internet time.  The guide is here:

   - Is the information in the guide still valid, or is it out of date?
   - Has anyone actually tried to make and break a Wordpress blog's
   Tor-guarded anonymity lately?  I mean, do we actually *know *that Tor
   works for this purpose, or is it just something that "everybody says"?
   - Are there any recently-added or possible-to-enable features of
   Wordpress (i.e. javascripts) that could reveal my IP address to Wordpress?
   - Should I be using Wordpress for my hosting needs at all, or is there a
   better platform for anonymous blogging with Tor?

If you can give me some guidance on these issues, I'd be happy to put
together a new guide updated for our modern era so that everyone can
benefit.  :)

Thanks again!

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