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Re: [tor-talk] Anonymous Blogging with Tor and Wordpress?

Hi Jennifer!

Jennifer Parsons:
> The source that I see splashed everywhere is
> Ethan Zuckerman's guide, but that hasn't been updated since
> 2009--practically 10,000 years ago in internet time.  The guide is here:
> http://advocacy.globalvoicesonline.org/projects/guide/


>    - Is the information in the guide still valid, or is it out of date?

Outdated. (It still recommends Tor Button, which as stand alone has been

>    - Has anyone actually tried to make and break a Wordpress blog's
>    Tor-guarded anonymity lately?  I mean, do we actually *know *that Tor
>    works for this purpose, or is it just something that "everybody says"?

Unknown. I don't remember any specific news or research papers exactly
on that topic.

>    - Are there any recently-added or possible-to-enable features of
>    Wordpress (i.e. javascripts) that could reveal my IP address to Wordpress?

As far as I watch The Tor Project, there are currently no IP bypass bugs
in TBB (Tor Browser Bundle).

IP bypass bugs are unfortunately not the only means of de-anonymization.
In general, the more knowledge one has and the more effort someone puts
into this, the safer one can become.

> If you can give me some guidance on these issues, I'd be happy to put
> together a new guide updated for our modern era so that everyone can
> benefit.  :)

I am not aware of any general anonymity guide/book (specific to wordpress).

Tails, JonDo and Whonix however have up to date documentation, which is
always a bit specific to those projects, covers general anonymity
instructions nonetheless.

- https://tails.boum.org/doc/index.en.html
- https://anonymous-proxy-servers.net/en/help/index.html
- http://sourceforge.net/p/whonix/wiki/Documentation/
- http://sourceforge.net/p/whonix/wiki/Surfing_Posting_Blogging/

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