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Re: [tor-talk] HTML5 video and Tor anonymity.

On Tue, 30 Apr 2013 16:03:37 +0100
luis redondo <luis.redondo30@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Using Tor(TBB default configuration,plugins disabled) I can see videos.I suppose that it is HTML5 videos,so,isn't the same that flash videos? and can the anonymity be compromised?

HTML5 is much safer than Adobe Flash.  However, if you do not
exclusively use HTTPS connections the contents of your traffic can
still be watched by third parties:
> More,by default,TBB accepts JavaScript running.So,I suppose JavaScript is not a great danger for Tor anonymity.Is that right? Or,should I take any additional precaution?

TBB, in addition to its own measures, includes NoScript to block common
Javascript problems.  Additional precautions are partly listed on the
Tor download page:

For lots more detail, see the TorBrowser design documentation:
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