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Re: [tor-talk] HTML5 video and Tor anonymity.


On 2013-04-30 17:03, luis redondo wrote:
> I can see videos.I suppose that it is HTML5 videos,so,isn't the same that flash videos? and can the anonymity be compromised?

no, HTML5 videos are not the same as flash videos. The problem with
flash videos is not the video itself, it's a problem because the player
is closed source and you can't control what flash is doing in there.

But with HTML5 videos the browser is the player and so in Firefox,
Chrome, ... its open source. Sience there is no other plugin needed the
browser simply fetches the parts of the video he needs. You can actually
watch that in a tool like Firebug, ... .

Summary: HTML5 videos are no thread to anonymity.

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