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Re: [tor-talk] CloudFlare

I use Cloudflare. When I experience hacking, spamming scraping or any other cpu sucking activity, I use Cloudflares API and ban the IP then unban 7 days later.  If the IP falls in a pre-identified 'dirty' range, I never unban it.  Based on my logs I had the distinct impression Cloudflare did not block TOR. So, I wrote Cloudflare. Their response was:

Justin (CloudFlare Support)
Apr 18 02:24 pm (PDT)

Hi, and thanks for contacting us today.

We don't have a particular position on TOR. All IPs are treated the same -- so if suspicious activity was seen from an IP that happens to be a TOR exit node then it'll be challenged by our system before it can access a CloudFlare page. This is no different than any other IP that might be doing something suspicious though. We haven't considered a particular feature to bloc TOR access, but I can pass on the feedback internally.

As you can see: Not only do they not specifically block TOR, they don't have a feature that to facilitate users blocking TOR.

> My main issue with sites that are Tor aware and then take action
> against Tor nodes specifically, is that most seem to say
> they get attacks, spam, illegal stuff from Tor. While true, that
> is a drop in the pond when compared to from the internet at large.
> Yet they don't block the internet, the coffee shops, the cable
> ranges, Romania, etc. It's the being dumb about the net and the
> kneejerk and the push to privacy destroying phone based auth.
> Hopefully with some group talks maybe some good will happen.

Coffee shops are a bit difficult to block specifically, but why do you think people who block TOR don't block Romania?  I'm a hobby blogger. I don't block all of RO, but  I block rdsnet.ro, fiberlink.ro  and a number of other Romanian ranges. 
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