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Re: [tor-talk] CloudFlare

> Lucia added:
> I use Cloudflare. When I experience hacking, spamming scraping or any other cpu sucking activity, I use Cloudflares API and ban the IP then unban 7 days later.  If the IP falls in a pre-identified 'dirty' range, I never unban it.  Based on my logs I had the distinct impression Cloudflare did not block TOR. So, I wrote Cloudflare. Their response was:
> (CloudFlare Support)
> Apr 18
> Hi, and thanks for contacting us today.
> We don't have a particular position on TOR. All IPs are treated the same -- so if suspicious activity was seen from an IP that happens to be a TOR exit node then it'll be challenged by our system before it can access a CloudFlare page. This is no different than any other IP that might be doing something suspicious though. We haven't considered a particular feature to bloc TOR access, but I can pass on the feedback internally.
> As you can see: Not only do they not specifically block TOR, they don't have a feature that to facilitate users blocking TOR.
> ...
> I've blocked the entire country of Brazil from time to time using Cloudflares
> convenient system that lets me block countries.

> Micah added:
> Just want to jump in and say that Freedom of the Press Foundation
> starting using CloudFlare to fend off a DDoS attack a couple months ago
> and we've never had a single complaint from a Tor user not being able to
> access it.

Hmm, I'm curious to know if you guys see any of the following sorts of
'country' codes or other similar designations of sources (generic or
otherwise) in the Cloudflare system?

A1,"Anonymous Proxy"
A2,"Satellite Provider"
O1,"Other Country"
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