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Re: [tor-talk] CloudFlare

On Sat, Apr 20, 2013 at 1:22 AM, NoName <antispam06@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 19.04.2013 17:52, Ciprian Dorin Craciun wrote:
>>      What makes everybody think that here in Romania we haven't
>> discovered the hot-water yet? Indeed we do have the usual
>> script-kiddies and cracker-wana-be's, un-patched (better said cracked)
>> Windows installations, and the usual... But in a large portion
>> (99.99999...%) the population is a normal "Internet" citizen:
>> non-technical, using an assortment of Facebook, YouTube, etc...
> Hot water. Some two decades ago that was still a scarce commodity in most
> places in Romania.

    A few decades ago this was a scarce commodity all over the eastern
Europe... (And currently still is in some "other" countries... But
let's not pick on them...)

> Even today minorities, like the Roma, are denied access
> based on steretypes.

    I won't comment on this...

> based on steretypes.

    In fact we are talking here about "stereotypes"... The irony...

> Script kiddies. What you call that have a batchelor in computer science and
> are too lazy to work some place. So they give into make money fast schemes.
> The friendliest type does what they call link promotion. Plain spam.

    And I'm sure there are other countries where this applies equally
well. (If you want I could provide you with my 25 thousand spam emails
I've collected, and you could do some statistics... Just to see where
the most spam comes from...)

> The
> worst kind do carding schemes with marchandise delivery to the poor old lady
> across the street.

    So you imply that "we" are the only ones doing these sort of crimes?

    Based on what you single us out? Based on what the media says?
Based on personal experience? Based on sociological studies? Based on
stereotypes? Based on gut feeling?

> Unpatched Windows is a good reason to block that computer from the network.

    And you think that only we have un-patched Windows-es? Really?!

> Usually it's unpatched because it's unlincesed.

    Of course this is one of the reasons. But again, did we crack it?
Just to put things into perspective: Windows 8 costs about 119$, while
the minimum wager in Romania is about 200$, and the average one is
around (if I remember correctly) 300$...

> 99.99999. I wonder where you get your numbers. Can you quote some source?

    Where do I get my numbers... Good question... Answer: I look around me...

    Where do you get your stereotypes? From the media?

> Normal citizen. In Romania normal equates computer illiterate?

    Of course that a "normal citizen" is a lazy computer illiterate.
But this happens so both in Romania, and any other country...

    Just to put it again into perspective: if "other country's"
citizens are more "computer literate", then why are there so many
successful phishing sites? Why do the most "popular" passwords are
still "password1" or "123456", etc.?

    Again, this is funny like hell...
    Ciprian (from Romania) (not from a cave) (with a honest job)
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