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Re: [tor-talk] CloudFlare

On 19.04.2013 17:52, Ciprian Dorin Craciun wrote:
     What makes everybody think that here in Romania we haven't
discovered the hot-water yet? Indeed we do have the usual
script-kiddies and cracker-wana-be's, un-patched (better said cracked)
Windows installations, and the usual... But in a large portion
(99.99999...%) the population is a normal "Internet" citizen:
non-technical, using an assortment of Facebook, YouTube, etc...

Hot water. Some two decades ago that was still a scarce commodity in most places in Romania. Even today minorities, like the Roma, are denied access based on steretypes.

Script kiddies. What you call that have a batchelor in computer science and are too lazy to work some place. So they give into make money fast schemes. The friendliest type does what they call link promotion. Plain spam. The worst kind do carding schemes with marchandise delivery to the poor old lady across the street.

Unpatched Windows is a good reason to block that computer from the network. Usually it's unpatched because it's unlincesed.

99.99999. I wonder where you get your numbers. Can you quote some source?

Normal citizen. In Romania normal equates computer illiterate?
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