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Re: [tor-talk] CloudFlare

>> they get attacks, spam, illegal stuff from Tor. While true, that
>> is a drop in the pond when compared to from the internet at large.
>> Yet they don't block the internet, the coffee shops, the cable
>> ranges, Romania, etc.
> Coffee shops are a bit difficult to block specifically, but why do you think people who block TOR don't block Romania?  I'm a hobby blogger. I don't block all of RO, but  I block rdsnet.ro, fiberlink.ro  and a number of other Romanian ranges.

> I suppose it's possible they do as well. Just that as with any
> userbase, knowing the effective range of their IP's may be hard.
> On the other hand, maybe they do block RO indiscriminately
> because they believe it to be a compellingly overwhelming
> source of trouble, or simply unfathomable, from their perspective,
> that a legitimate user would come from there.

    Ok... Now this "block Romania" is getting silly... :D Not to
mention that it is not "politically-correct", especially on a mailing
list devoted to freedom of speech and access to information...
(Disclaimer: I am from Romania, and a home user of RDS...)

    What makes everybody think that here in Romania we haven't
discovered the hot-water yet? Indeed we do have the usual
script-kiddies and cracker-wana-be's, un-patched (better said cracked)
Windows installations, and the usual... But in a large portion
(99.99999...%) the population is a normal "Internet" citizen:
non-technical, using an assortment of Facebook, YouTube, etc...

    Thus why do people want to "block" us? Especially since most of
the cracker-wana-be's will most probably use Tor... (the irony)... :D
:D :D :D

    Really just think of it like this: China built their firewall to
keep their citizens off the "free Internet", but it seems that you
(and a few others) propose others to build firewalls around themselves
just to keep Romanian's out... And we are only 19 million people...

    As said... Getting silly...
    Ciprian (from Romania...) :D :D :D
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