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Re: [tor-talk] How safe is smartphones today?

On April 4, 2014 9:22:31 PM EDT, C B <cb736@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>To me this has nothing to do with "What are you afraid of?" Each of us
>have a fundamental right to privacy. 

I did not mean to ask that question in a cynical or dismissive manner. I should have said "What is the threat you are most concerned about? What is the information you need to keep safe?".

The ability to call our spouse and
>ask them to pick up a loaf of bread, or for us to call up someone we
>are planning a bank robbery with and have 100% confidence that not one
>word of the conversation will ever be available to anyone but the
>intended recipient. We can do that, with public key cryptography, which
>needs to be standard. It is blatantly wrong for governments to try to
>break any security measures. Any efforts they do though, must be made
>public and be done only for the purpose of helping us know that our
>encryption can not be broken.


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