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Re: [tor-talk] How safe is smartphones today?

Mike Perry:
> anonymous coward:
>> Thanks to all for replying.
>> Well, I try not to get caught in the dragnet. Besides, I have no
>> special threat model or fear.
>> But, the situation could change quickly in certain situations
>> without your intention.
>> For example, I want to talk to political activists, I would like
>> to discuss with them, no matter if I share their views or not.
>> This could easily make you interesting for certain people.
>> Sometimes just talking to certain people could make you
>> suspicious.
>> And this is my concern.
> If you are concerned with protecting the social graph of who you
> are communicating with, there is *maybe* exactly one communication
> system that exists today that can protect this information from a
> dedicated adversary with resources on the order of a drug cartel.
> The system I'm referring to is a prototype written by a Google
> engineer in their spare time: https://pond.imperialviolet.org/
> It comes with this disclaimer:
> "Dear God, please don't use Pond for anything real yet. I've
> hammered out nearly 20K lines of code that have never been
> reviewed. Unless you're looking to experiment you should go use
> something that actually works."
> Of course, even if Pond itself is secure (and it very well may be
> - despite the disclaimer, Adam Langley is actually a very capable 
> cryptographic engineer), if you use it on a normal, non-hardened 
> computer, your social graph can still be obtained by compromising
> that computer.

It's had that disclaimer up for a while now - is there any effort
underway to review it? Given the amount of love that various Tor
developers have expressed for Pond, and the fact that Tor is integral
to the mechanism, is there any plan for cooperation or partnership?

It looks thoroughly exciting, is all.
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