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Re: [tor-talk] How safe is smartphones today?

>> For example, I want to talk to political activists, I would like to
>> discuss with them, no matter if I share their views or not. This could
>> easily make you interesting for certain people. Sometimes just talking
>> to certain people could make you suspicious.
> If you are concerned with protecting the social graph of who you are
> communicating with, there is *maybe* exactly one communication system
> that exists today that can protect this information from a dedicated
> adversary with resources on the order of a drug cartel.

Excepting that we're in anti-graph tor-talk forum...
Why are people so sure to give primary fear to letting our graph be known?
Where are the people screaming that content is the worse leak?
Maybe you know a lot of Muslim terrist sympathizers, but are
really calling to see about dinner plans, maybe you sell pens
to all sorts of specialist doctors, and document services to
criminal defense attorneys, condoms to whores, and pagers to
drug dealers, wearcams to activists, etc.

Contact graphs can usually be dual use and rarely used
directly against you. Content is usually single use and
is often used against you.

A link to another secure phone voice/msg app, redphone/textsecure...

Now if we can just have an android phone app/ROM do encrypted voice (by
somehow hooking into the mic/speaker codec/pcm/modem path) over
the cell voice network (voice minutes plan, usable everywhere) instead of:
- the wifi-ip network (free, if you are near an AP, which you usually aren't)
- the cell data-ip network (requires a data/ip plan)
then I can see a huge number of people installing that app/ROM.
I don't know of anyone working on this though :(

[The pricing of [un]limited cell minutes/data/sms vs. your usage
of same is in some regions more attractive/available without a data
plan. Thus making this voice app/ROM more universally useful.]
[You still have to trust the integrated baseband processor, till that
hardware gets opened up.]
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