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[tor-talk] strange behavior of Tor Browser on Windows 8.1

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I have upgraded to latest Tor Browser Bundle version: 3.5.4 - Windows
32 bit.
My operating system is Windows 8.1 Pro Enterprise, 64 bit.

The odd things i have noticed (which didn't happen in previous
versions) are:

1. Some kind of cookie / session handling issue, i cannot login to
mail.aol.com , after entering credentials I get this error:
Authentication Problem
Uh-oh! Your sign-in got derailed. We’re on it—sorry for the delay.
Click here to try again.

If you use a bookmark to get to AOL Mail, update it to
http://mail.aol.com .

Browser security settings sometimes disrupt sign-in. In Internet
Explorer, try selecting “Enable Protected Mode” in both the Internet
zone and Trusted sites zone . On Firefox, try using Safe Mode .

You also might try deleting your browser history. Find this in the
“Tools” menu — and make sure to clear (delete) cookies!

For complete instructions, click here.

If you’re unable to access your account for more than two hours,
please tell us.

2. Portable application issue: Windows doesn't see the portable
firefox within the Tor Browser Bundle as a portable app, I have
firefox normal installed for normal browsing and Tor Browser Bundle
and run them simultaneously.

I use CCleaner from Piriform to clear the cookies, history and cache
stuff. In the previous versions of tor browser bundle, i could close
my regular installed firefox and leave Tor Browser Open, and CCleaner
could clean everything with no error.

now with the latest version of Tor Browser, i close my regular firefox
but CCleaner when I run CLEAN states that firefox is opened and needs
to close in order for it to clean the cookies and cache stuff.
 Why so?

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