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Re: [tor-talk] Correct way to upgrade Tor in Linux

On 4/11/14, Lars Luthman <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Thu, 2014-04-10 at 15:46 +0000, Nunostc wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am Linux user for almost 10 years. I am Debian user, and I am use to
>> update software the Debian way using apt/aptitude (confortable with
>> yum too for other distros). However for Tor Browser Boundle I don't know
>> what would be the best way to upgrade.
>> As a newbie with Tor, what I am doing is deleting the previous
>> installation and installing it again. However, what should I do if
>> would like to backup the bookmarks and not loose them between
>> upgrades?
> If you choose 'Show all bookmarks' from the 'Bookmarks' menu, you get a
> dialog window with an 'Import and backup' menu that you can use to
> export the bookmarks to a JSON file and then import them again in the
> new browser.
> I am not aware of any upgrade method other than simply replacing the
> browser directory as you are doing.

The following is not recommended, too easy to make mistakes and cause
security problems, but it is possible to copy the "Data" directory
over the top of new browser install, or copy unzipped browser files
over old install, but then you have to update some about:cache
option(s?) so that tor button knows you're in a new browser. I tried
it once and it's much too complicated for sanity's sake.

Apparently TorBrowser 3.6 series (when stable) will provide
upgrade-in-place option.

Whonix or Tails in an encrypted container might be a better approach
for preservation of stuff...
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