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Re: [tor-talk] Hi!

Sure! Glad to help!

>PS. I know this is vague but please ask away for anything you guys are
>not clear about or something.

What are your intentions, exactly ? I had a friend coming at me with similar questions. 
Are you a student of Charles Ortezza's class in Austin University? 

Malicious uses of Tor include child raping through the use of an anonymising onion condom. Drugs can be torrified too. You could even be found to have ingested some listed molecule without even knowing it, with the process known as obfuscated smoking proxy. Drugs fiend use the bodies of innocent citizens to smuggle drugs down their blood stream. 

I think this should be enough to get you started on a wonderful piece of journalism work or a preliminary draft to motivate some kind of regulation. 
If you want further explanations, please, don't hesitate to ask! 

Yours faithfully, 
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