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Re: [tor-talk] Clarification of Tor's involvement with DARPA's Memex

More wanking = fewer wars, so that is a need, IMO, along with food, water,
shelter and medical care.

Beyond that, define "need".  Privacy and freedom from government and
corporate surveillance are fundamental rights, IMO.  Keeping your internet
activity private from your ISP and the world-at-large is a perfectly valid
use of Tor.  You can't expect someone else to keep private what you are not
willing to keep private yourself.

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Outgoing traffic stats from Tor exit nodes. Almost all traffic of Chinese
speaking Tor users is average adult porn, which is banned in China. You can
tell it's from China because the sites are aimed to Hong Kong residents. The
"Chinese people use Tor because they are supressed in their free speech and
really want to post on the internet how bad China is" is a lie, almost all
of them just want to wank.
Tell me one hidden service which needs anonymity, has more than 100 users
and is not a drug market place or furry porn community for computer science
Don't get me wrong, Tor is a beautiful and necessary tool for people to
ignore their goverments regulation on what to put in their bodies and what
to watch, but it really isn't what the liberal hivemind wants to believe.
The idea of Tor is in no way compatible with govermental regulation, every
cooperation with LE will be a nail in Tor's coffin.

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