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Re: [tor-talk] Secure DNS Addresses

> If anyone has good intel on some really secure DNS addresses that would 
> be great currently I'm using my VPN provider DNS servers and would like 
> to have some more numbers to add to my list.

French ISP associations

	FDN : http://www.fdn.fr/
		ns0.fdn.org ( / 2001:910:800::12)
		ns1.fdn.org( / 2001:910:800::40)

	LDN : http://ldn-fai.net/
		ns0.ldn-fai.net ( / 2001:913::8)

	ARN : http://www.arn-fai.net/
		recursif.arn-fai.net ( / 2a00:5881:8100:1000::3)


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