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Re: [tor-talk] Secure DNS Addresses

On 2015-04-05 13:44, df wrote:
Not sure your question is for what this list is about but anyway below
are a few "safe" ones I recommend to using, "secure" I guess depends on
how much you trust the unknown party running the server.

# Swiss Privacy Foundation DNS

# Censurfridns Denmark

# freedns

# Digitalcourage e.V.

# Chaos Computer Club

The list above can be found at this link:


Hope that helps a little.

If anyone has good intel on some really secure DNS addresses that would be great currently I'm using my VPN provider DNS servers and would like
to have some more numbers to add to my list.

Primary DNS: (Netherlands)

Secondary DNS: (U.S. New York)

That's exactly what I was looking for, thanks for the assist
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