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[tor-talk] Full integration with bitcoin (suggestion / feature request)


Why not make a fully true integration with bitcoin in the network? Bitcoin
could be the fuel: who wants to use pays, who want to help the network with
a exit node receives, simple like that. The exit nodes could define a
minimum to receive, for example: 0.001 BTC / MB or 0.01 BTC / MB or for
free, and the user could define a maximum to pay, like 0.0005 BTC / MB or
even free. Then, the network would find the right matches / patches. In a
free market more you pay, more you get in speed and reliability. The
networks could continue free but slow and faster if paid.

Forget the intermediate nodes for now, think in this situation:

- A, B and C is final user.
- D, E and F are exit nodes.

A is poor and set his configuration to spend max of 0 BTC / MB.
B set max pend of 0.001 BTC / MB, and C is rich, so he set max to 0.01 BTC
/ MB.

D is a very nice guy, and rely a exit node for free. E has a few network
resources, so he set min. to 0.001 BTC / MB. F is even more poor, and he
wouldn't be a exit node anyway, so he set the min. to 0.01 BTC / MB.

A would use D as exit node, with the rate of 0 BTC / MB.
B would use D and E as exit node, with the avg. rate of 0.0005 BTC / MB.
C would use D, E and F as exit node, with the avg. rate of 0.00367 BTC / MB.

F won't earn too much because he is very expensive and few users would use
that. But E could make more money even charging less. The market will
decide the equilibrium.

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