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[tor-talk] PET mini-research

Dear tor-talk list!

We are group of New Media students from Charles University in Prague and we would like to interview several people from Turkey / Iran (Egypt, Syria) for our mini research on the use of privacy enhancing technologies by civil societies in mentioned countries.

The interview should be as anonymous as possible and on the following topics:

* do you have an experience with using anonymizing tools?
* did you participate in any form of protest or other civil activity?
* are you IT experts or do you use those tools out of necessity?
* are you aware of the reality of potential dangers of using the internet?
* do you change your online behaviour according to the policies of the state?

If interested please contact me directly and we can set up secure channel for communication (PGP, OTR, Cryptocat...).

Thank you very much!

Pavel Schamberger
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