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Re: [tor-talk] PET mini-research

Hello all,


I'm an internet activist from Turkey and I'd like to share your
mini-research questions with some NGO's mailing lists. How could I start?


I'd like to meet with you and your friends too:)


On 04/07/15 17:09, Naz Gassiep wrote:
> I am not front Turkey, but I have MANY Turkish friends and am married to
> a Turkish girl. I would be able and willing to find someone interested
> in these topics that would be happy to discuss this with you.
> Feel free to contact me off-list.
> Regards,
> - Naz.
> On 7/04/2015 10:19 PM, Schamberger, Pavel wrote:
>> Dear tor-talk list!
>> We are group of New Media students from Charles University in Prague
>> and we would like to interview several people from Turkey / Iran
>> (Egypt, Syria) for our mini research on the use of privacy enhancing
>> technologies by civil societies in mentioned countries.
>> The interview should be as anonymous as possible and on the following
>> topics:
>> * do you have an experience with using anonymizing tools?
>> * did you participate in any form of protest or other civil activity?
>> * are you IT experts or do you use those tools out of necessity?
>> * are you aware of the reality of potential dangers of using the
>> internet?
>> * do you change your online behaviour according to the policies of the
>> state?
>> If interested please contact me directly and we can set up secure
>> channel for communication (PGP, OTR, Cryptocat...).
>> Thank you very much!
>> Best,
>> Pavel Schamberger

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