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Re: [tor-talk] Any free email service can work with Tor

You beat me to it....

Oh well, I wrote my response so I'll post it anyway.

You could try riseup.net, if you have a good use case.

They are a purpose-based provider, and you have to request an account.
It usually takes a few days for a decision to be made. If you just want
to have an email account with them, they will probably say no. You have
to provide a good reason to want to use their service.

Here's some info about them:

They're great people, and I love their web interface, though I mainly
use TorBirdy to connect to them. Not only can you connect to them
through Tor, you can connect through their onion service. Can't get much
more Tor friendly than that.

They offer a ton of different services. Michael Ball got most of them,
but also vpn, and etherpad. Everything they offer in the clear also has
an onion address.

Kind regards,

Speak Freely

michael ball:
> riseup.net is a not-for-profit collective who value and support online
> privacy, security and freedom of expression. all of their services (email,
> xmpp, mailing lists) allow you to register and connect over onion services.
> everything is free, although they recommend that you contribute towards
> their server and staff costs.
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