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Re: [tor-talk] Tor on OpenBSD 5.6

On Thu, 09 Apr 2015 15:53:51 -0700, Richard Johnson <rdump@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Your strange attitude aside, one can learn much on OpenBSD by updating the ports and building a revised package.

Look, I just get fed up with people being dismissive pricks, both to myself and newcomers. The guy came in asking for help, I'm trying to help him with some steps to build and install from source that have been tested, will work, and will provide the newcomer with a current versions of Tor and LibreSSL which are free from known bugs and vulns.

Compare that to:

"Yeah, why using a port/package when you can do everything manually?

Have fun OP."

Easy enough to change the version in Makefile, confirm PGP sig, and update distinfo.

Did you even test the above, because I have, and it's not 'easy enough'.

Firstly, very high probability that new user is going to get stuck at the 'confirm PGP sig' step.

Secondly, changing the version number in the Makefile, updating the version, sha256 and file size values in distinfo yields a port that FAILS to build with the release.

Now the newcomer (who is having difficulty installing Tor from packages) is in a position where they have to start learning the OpenBSD software porting process and debugging build failures of the ports system. This is supposed to be helping them out?


So 'strange attitude' aside, yes I'll be contributing steps which I've tested myself, that actually work, and don't leave users with outdated version of Tor and LibreSSL that contain bugs and vulnerabilities.
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