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Re: [tor-talk] New site attempting to help Tor grow

Gareth, appreciate the feedback, here are some responses to your questions:

On 2015-04-17 09:19, Gareth Llewellyn wrote:
We're working on doing something similar at BrassHornCommunications.uk with a 'Bridges on Demand' offering which'll spin up a new private bridge *(tick
box config for choosing meek plugins etc)* and provisions with Chef /

Will you be open sourcing any of your automation tools?

I have thought about this as it might allow others to spin up a similar site. The issue right now is a lot of the account specific parameters are hard-coded so I need to work on pulling those out before making it something other groups could use. Being an OSS fan though the idea is to at some point make the code public. The truth is though that all we're really doing is calling various APIs from other vendors, chaining them together and wrapping it in some logic. I wish it was a lot cooler than that but the app itself is pretty plain.

Will all your relays be within the same AS / DC or spread about?

As of today they are placed randomly between two different DCs from a single provider. On the "TODO" list though is
to expand that so that we're using multiple providers and multiple DCs.

Are you using OpenVZ / KVM et al / dedicated servers or 3rd party VPS
services e.g. Amazon for each relay?

We are using 3rd party VPS services currently.

No mention of what legal entity operates this website, the domain is
registered to an individual with obfuscated whois so I'd be skeptical of just putting in a credit card number, more so that there is no indication of who will process the transaction *(although looking through the source it appears to be stripe.com <http://stripe.com>)* and no option for paypal
/ IBAN transfer etc.

No IPv6 makes me sad

With regard to your feedback about the entity operating the website, this was honestly my biggest fear and probably something I'll need to address sooner rather than later. Initially I just wanted to get something out to see if this was really a service people would use before going through all of the paperwork of creating a non-profit. As you've probably figured out by now this is not a full-time gig for anyone involved so we wanted to test the waters a bit before committing 100%. I suppose that based on your feedback though that the stats might be skewed if others are sharing your same opinion. You are correct that we are using Stripe to process our payments. It might be worth it for me to add a blurb below the
form mentioning that.

Again, thank you for the feedback!

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