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[tor-talk] New site attempting to help Tor grow

Tor-talk, we have recently released our site and wanted to share it with the Tor community, I hope this doesn't come across as spam as that is not our intention.

We have created sponsor-privacy.com in the hopes that it would help non-technical people who might be using Tor, or just those that don't want to run their own relay, improve the existing Tor infrastructure by "sponsoring" a new Tor relay for one year. As noted on the site the whole goal is to break even so this is not some type of money grab, just something that we thought might help out a bit. If you think what we are doing is cool it would be great if you shared it with people you know. If you think what we are doing is not that cool we're always open to _constructive_ criticism.

Thank you,
SponsorPrivacy team
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