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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy seems to connect to the same exit node again and again

Hi Leeroy,

Wow, that is one detailed explanation!

You have been a great help in the course of my Tor adventures, thanks
for all the support!


> Hi Sophie,
>> If I would like to suggest to add a warning to the "Before 
>> using TorBirdy", where would be the right place to do so?
> If you would like to submit the feature request what you would first
> do is connect to Tor's bug tracker [0]. From there you can either
> register for your own account or use the credentials listed in the
> 'Welcome' text on the first page. Select 'New Ticket' and fill in the
> ticket. Choose 'enhancement' for type and 'TorBirdy' for the
> component. If you wish to reference the discussion here on tor-talk
> you can use the links available in the archives [1].
> [0]https://trac.torproject.org
> [1]https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-talk/2015-April/037455.html
>> Would you define failure to use an exit as a) not being
>> able to send emails over this exit and therefore 
>> establishing a connection to a new exit or as b) when I 
>> get a warning saying "blocked using mail.badip.de"?
>> Because from how I understand this, and please correct 
>> if I am wrong,TorBirdy might connect to a different exit, 
>> when the current exit doesn't support the port I am using.
> Tricky. A failure could be both. Tor tries to guess if an exit will
> allow your exiting traffic but it's not a guarantee. In which case,
> you're correct, a new exit is chosen. Perhaps from existing circuits
> or by building a new circuit if needed. This would also occur if the
> connection to the mail server is refused. A response 'blocked' is not
> be a failure in the usual sense. The connection succeeds in a manner
> of speaking but is closed before sending data. Thanks for pointing
> that out.
> --leeroy

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