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Re: [tor-talk] TorBirdy seems to connect to the same exit node again and again

Hi Sophie,

>If I would like to suggest to add a warning to the "Before 
>using TorBirdy", where would be the right place to do so?

If you would like to submit the feature request what you would first
do is connect to Tor's bug tracker [0]. From there you can either
register for your own account or use the credentials listed in the
'Welcome' text on the first page. Select 'New Ticket' and fill in the
ticket. Choose 'enhancement' for type and 'TorBirdy' for the
component. If you wish to reference the discussion here on tor-talk
you can use the links available in the archives [1].


>Would you define failure to use an exit as a) not being
>able to send emails over this exit and therefore 
>establishing a connection to a new exit or as b) when I 
>get a warning saying "blocked using mail.badip.de"?
>Because from how I understand this, and please correct 
>if I am wrong,TorBirdy might connect to a different exit, 
>when the current exit doesn't support the port I am using.

Tricky. A failure could be both. Tor tries to guess if an exit will
allow your exiting traffic but it's not a guarantee. In which case,
you're correct, a new exit is chosen. Perhaps from existing circuits
or by building a new circuit if needed. This would also occur if the
connection to the mail server is refused. A response 'blocked' is not
be a failure in the usual sense. The connection succeeds in a manner
of speaking but is closed before sending data. Thanks for pointing
that out.

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