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Re: [tor-talk] SIGAINT email service targeted by 70 bad exit nodes

The relays you referred to all appear to come from vultr.com

21 BadExit relays come from this provider.

The names are as follows: Enddeli, Tanworton, Enthory, Orod, Engbeli,
Samest, Lucrece, Ravid, Maximianus, Menelaus, Keyar, Moslald, Rothtai,
Bybaru, Imeld, Darctur, Gartora, Dardyn, Obana, Bynib, Nalani

Speak Freely

michael ball:
> If it's any help, I remember seeing some sort of list on the tor-talk
> mailing list regarding the names of the (now) BadExit relays: name such as
> "samest" "engbeli" "enthory", imeld, darctur, lakin, orod, rengmarg. If
> someone can pull up a search tool and find it in previous threads, it would
> be a great help. I'm on a censored connection at the moment and cannot
> perform any such tasks.
> Good luck, sigaint!
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