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Re: [tor-talk] New site attempting to help Tor grow

For $65/year I'll be able to do 380MB/s (1000TB/month)?

Sign me up!

Speak Freely

> On 2015-04-17 13:36, nusenu wrote:
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>> Thanks for your effort.
>> - From a "customer" perspective I'm missing some crucial information on
>> your website:
>> - - what bandwidth (mbps or TB per month) does this relay add to the
>> network? (I understand that it is hard to estimate but if the data
>> plan allows only lets say 1TB per month you should make that clear)
>> - - am I adding an exit or non-exit relay?
>> More experienced "customers" might want to know:
>> - - What characteristics has the relay? how much memory?
>> - - Where are you going to run the sponsored relay?
>>     AS? Country? hosting provider?
>>     from your first relay: AS393406, US, Digital Ocean
>> - - What OS are you going to use? (apparently Linux)
>> - - Can I select location/OS/bw/.. ?
>> - - Do you provide bw monitoring and traffic stats? (i.e. munin and
>> vnstat
>> )
>> - - Can I choose to run 2 instances per server? (which results in more
>> traffic)
>> I understand that you might want to keep this website simple since you
>> target non-technical persons but providing that information wouldn't
>> hurt. It doesn't have to be on the main page.
>> I hope you also consider the following points:
>> - - proper automatic MyFamily configuration on all your relays
>> - - keep your relays up to date
>> - - network and platform diversity (this becomes more relevant once you
>> run a substantial part of the tor network)
>>     - run relays in non-top x countries/ASes/... by consensus weight
>>         https://compass.torproject.org
>>     - run non-Linux relays
>>         https://metrics.torproject.org/platforms.html
>> Do you "pre-run" relays and rename them as soon as they are "ordered"
>> to reduce the bootstrap phase?
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>> 8wYUBQP4Z5MtQI8ECTZkd4FTj9jOMbg7768zqaLeNK/HOxbrCViY5cjmhIckhcit
>> iiTrWYWtksk2X4/tbh+OenUeyBLiSbB/6aYADylVR08fEoFPh3cGT5e8eHUaO1sp
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>> j8GCv9tpkKSDnj3jcxFE
>> =zA/v
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> Appreciate the feedback. As you noted the primary target was someone who
> might not know really what bandwidth is, how much memory, etc but I can
> see your point where some potential customers might like to have that
> information. If nothing else it might help validate the $65 cost. I'll
> try to answer some of those questions here and think about how the info
> could be integrated into the site itself.
> - Bandwidth: the instances being used come with 1000TB per month. This
> has been set as the cap in the torrc file so each instance can in theory
> use all 1000TB before it stops passing traffic.
> - The instances are currently being setup with DigitalOcean which does
> not allow exit relays so only non-exit relays are being created.
> - Each relay is SSD based (20gigs), comes with 1 "cpu" (these are
> virtual instances) and 512mb of RAM
> - Currently all instances are provisioned in the United States but the
> plans are to use every DC that DigitalOcean has available which means
> with a minor change to the code instances could also be deployed in the
> Netherlands, Germany, England and Singapore. Eventually the goal is to
> bring in other providers outside of DigitalOcean to expand the possible
> footprint.
> - You are correct, the OS is Linux :)
> - We do not provide any stats at this time. Something that has been
> discussed though was a possible page that showed all relays customers
> had sponsored with some bandwidth stats next to them. It would be more
> of a novelty than anything, nothing for real system type monitoring.
> - As far as running two relays on one instance, that is not an option
> right now. The way it works is there is an image I created that is a
> basic Linux image with the Tor client installed. When someone sponsors a
> relay through the site an API call is made to spin up a new instance
> based on this image. During the API call some cloud-init data is passed
> to a small script on the image which handles setting up the torrc file
> with the correct relay name and contact notes. At that point a new
> fingerprint is generated and the Tor client is restarted. Since these
> are SSD based the time from payment to running is typically about a
> minute assuming everything behind the scenes at DigitalOcean is happy.
> It would certainly be possible to run two relays on a single instance
> but would introduce a bit more complexity that I'll need to look into.
> - In all honesty, the MyFamily option is something that I didn't think
> would really apply to this as the goal is to never actually login to
> these boxes. I do see though how that could make people feel uneasy
> since technically SponsorPrivacy will be the "owners" of all of these. I
> will bump that to the top of the TODO list so we can start dynamically
> updating that setting as new instances are provisioned. Consider that
> the first bug :)
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