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Re: [tor-talk] SIGAINT email service targeted by 70 bad exit nodes

nusenu, I just looked at your list at
I don't know which ones are the relevant exit nodes now, I am just
throwing this in, in no particular order, just picking whatever sounds

Chrysanthos (or chrysanthemon) means golden flower in Greek, it is also a
Kyriakos means "the Lord's" or "of the Lord", also a name
Menelaos is from Greek mythology (Trojan war)
Lycos - various figures in Greek mythology
Lucrece is a Roman figure Ovid wrote about, Shakespeare picked it up in
The Rape Of Lucrece
Maximianus a Roman Emperor

Ottmar is a male German first name

Gennadius is a moth
Obana/Callopistria is a moth

Dagda seems to be Irish mythology, says wikipedia

Byxus: byxus.dll was some Windows malware, says the search engine.

Some of the node names look like permutation cyphers:
Ismche - chimes
Ardenem - amender
But this is really just a lucky guess.

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