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Re: [tor-talk] hiddden service on openwrt

On 27/04/15 15:37, Casey Callendrello wrote:
On 4/26/15 11:41 PM, spriver wrote:

On 04/26/2015 17:12, m.wegener@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

atm, I`m on a TP-Link WR841ND, V9.1

The little flash on the device could be a little tricky, I hope it
will work. Too bad that it does not have a USB port. But give it a
try! I would be interested if it works.

Try to get a wr842nd v2.x which has 8 MB of flash but still 32 mb of ram.
I will try tonight to squeeze latest OpenWrt trunk on a wr703n and after that on a wr841nd v8.2 and see how it's doing for a few days as a middle relay.

It is definitely possible, but having gone through it, I can't really
recommend it. My device was a consumer Ubiquiti machine. Setting up
cross-compilation is a major pain (and the distribution packages are old
and unsigned), plus there's just so little ram. I think you device has
32 MiB of ram and only 4 MiB of flash. Tor is fairly efficient, and it
will work, but it's hard to simultaneously use and, say, do serious
configuration management.

I gave up and spent $35 (now €30) on a Raspberry Pi and never went back.
The box has enough CPU to build tor itself, and the 512 MiB of ram means
it's actually useable. Plus, Linux supports 802.1q VLAN tagging. I set
up a separate VLAN on my network and used the Pi to do the translation.
A few more moving pieces, sure, but way easier.


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