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Re: [tor-talk] hiddden service on openwrt

On 04/27/2015 06:37 AM, Casey Callendrello wrote:
> On 4/26/15 11:41 PM, spriver wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On 04/26/2015 17:12, m.wegener@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> atm, I`m on a TP-Link WR841ND, V9.1
>>> https://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/tp-link/tl-wr841nd
>> The little flash on the device could be a little tricky, I hope it
>> will work. Too bad that it does not have a USB port. But give it a
>> try! I would be interested if it works.
> Hi,
> It is definitely possible, but having gone through it, I can't really
> recommend it. My device was a consumer Ubiquiti machine. Setting up
> cross-compilation is a major pain (and the distribution packages are old
> and unsigned), plus there's just so little ram. I think you device has
> 32 MiB of ram and only 4 MiB of flash. Tor is fairly efficient, and it
> will work, but it's hard to simultaneously use and, say, do serious
> configuration management.
> I gave up and spent $35 (now €30) on a Raspberry Pi and never went back.
> The box has enough CPU to build tor itself, and the 512 MiB of ram means
> it's actually useable. Plus, Linux supports 802.1q VLAN tagging. I set
> up a separate VLAN on my network and used the Pi to do the translation.
> A few more moving pieces, sure, but way easier.
> --Casey

I second this suggestion. Raspbian is based on Debian. There's also
Raspuntu, and other distros.

But I wonder about the chains of authentication from Debian packages to
their Raspbian versions. It's probably much better than with *WRT, yes?

I've also seen recent discussion on cypherpunks@xxxxxxxxxx about
security issues, such as chip design, bugs, sources of randomness, etc.
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