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Re: [tor-talk] The Tor-BSD Diversity Project

On April 30, 2015 1:27:35 PM GMT+01:00, Apple Apple <djjdjdjdjdjdjd32@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>I am not particularly enlightened but I was under the impression that
>people do not use BSD for a reason.
>It's 2015 and FreeBSD is still lacking basic security mechanisms such
>ASLR. It also seems to me that the community's ideological licencing
>crusade is holding the entire project back. They condemn anything GPL
>will substitute inferior tools instead, I.e. ksh instead of bash,
>box instead of xen etc. As a project they seem to spend most of their
>rewriting GPL projects just to slap a BSD licence on it (bhyve or
>they call it for example) which doesn't really help anyone. It's like
>Canonical dicking around with Unity and Mir. Complete waste of
>OpenBSD is also a highly emotionally charged community. They completely
>turn their backs on things like virtualization and mandatory access
>controls. They spend all their time auditing the base system but as
>soon as
>you install a buggy or untrusted application then you're on your own. I
>don't find this approach very helpful in the real world.
>Would anyone who knows more care to address these points and correct me
>where I may be wrong?
>I like the idea of diversifying the Tor infrastructure, defence in
>and all that but I feel like it would be nice to also have some clear
>arguments for why another OS should be adopted - not just it exists and
>it's not Linux.
>> an idea: maybe talk to forums.freebsd.org / www.freebsdforums.org
>> operators about making their sites available also to tor users as
>This would be immensely helpful and appreciated. There is no reason to
>block even read only access to the forums.

Here be trolls.
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