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Re: [tor-talk] Full integration with bitcoin (suggestion / feature request)

On 30 Apr 2015, at 10:42, Aeris <aeris+tor@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> who wants to use pays, who want to help the network with
>> a exit node receives, simple like that
> So who wants to have anonymity must be rich ?
> Just no way :)

Worse, it’s a catastrophic weakening of the anonymity provided by Tor, as Bitcoin is only pseudonymous, not anonymous.

If you want anonymous transactions then you want a blind-signing based currency like Taler  http://www.taler.net/  as opposed to a blockchain based currency like BTC.  I’m not in favor of paying for Tor relays using even that for political reasons, but blind-signing is necessary to build a transaction model that’s no weaker than Tor.


p.s. Leif talked about a proof-of-onion altcoin idea in which “mining” required fetching data through onion routing nodes determined by the spinning nonce, etc. and both the miner and any nodes forwarding data earned mining payouts.  In this way, forwarding is paid for by the occasional fake mining circuits, not by users.  You need nodes to sign some traffic, which potentially creates new weaknesses, so not suitable for Tor.  It relevant if you’re trying to launch a different sort of onion routing network though, like maybe a high-bandwidth fail shortage/sharing network, as the coin speculators might help bolster the bandwidth and anonymity.

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