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Re: [tor-talk] Full integration with bitcoin (suggestion / feature request)

Hi Felipe,

It's an issue that is relevant to Tor, and in many online communities.
So please don't think it's a bad idea, it's just a very complicated one.

Incentivizing (part of) the system is not necessarily a bad thing.
Something to encourage bigger and better relays is good.

One potential work-around would be to allow up to X% of any given relay
to be used for the express lane, but to always have the rest completely
open. I could envision up to 10% of total throughput to be dedicated to
paying customers, and 90% for everyone else. If every exit relay's
express quota is full, you wouldn't pay. At most I think $10USD/TB would
be acceptable - though I'm not a fan of this anyway.

Personally, I'm a fan of badges and social rewards. I've read quite a
few books and many blogs and studies on the topic. For several varying
reason, people like to collect things, regardless of actual monetary
value - and in fact sometimes directly because of the lack of monetary
value. A reward that must be earned and cannot be purchased. The social
standing badges and awards create is fascinating. I fully appreciate
this may not work given the current community atmosphere, but I mention
it nonetheless because it is interesting.

Regarding forking the system, of course you could! But that leads to so
many other issues...



BT on Tor is bad for at least 2 reasons.
1) BT will do what it what it can to connect to peers, including
bypassing Tor, which could leak information about you, which negates the
reason for downloading off Tor. This isn't Tor's fault.
2) It's just mean! :)

I find the BT/Tor problem to be... BT. This is beyond the scope of this
discussion, however.

A good blog post is

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