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Re: [tor-talk] The Tor-BSD Diversity Project

On 04/30/2015 05:27, Apple Apple wrote:
It's 2015 and FreeBSD is still lacking basic security mechanisms such as
ASLR. It also seems to me that the community's ideological licencing
crusade is holding the entire project back. They condemn anything GPL and
will substitute inferior tools instead, I.e. ksh instead of bash, virtual
box instead of xen etc. As a project they seem to spend most of their time
rewriting GPL projects just to slap a BSD licence on it (bhyve or whatever
they call it for example) which doesn't really help anyone. It's like
Canonical dicking around with Unity and Mir. Complete waste of everyone's

Bash can't be considered superior to anything due to its instability. It is in forever-work-in-progress mode, without gaining any stability over time. Last week I found another bug in bash just by pressing "backspace" button in the middle of some command. Bash team officially refuses to maintain any bug tracking tools, and uses the mailing list instead. So the bugs I reported years ago are still not fixed, and there is no formal record of them that can be easily searched. Bash departed from the very stable and solid Bourne shell, and turned into a mess. Today Bourne shell in FreeBSD is far superior to the current bash for the reason of its stability, among other reasons. I have spent an extensive time with both, and wrote thousands of lines in shell, and this is my conclusion. And here goes the credibility of your opinion for me.

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