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[tor-talk] Start Page & Ixquick - same now

"On March 29, Ixquick merged with our hugely popular StartPage search engine."

This is apparently for the US. Best I could tell, in the - US -, Ixquick.com & Startpage give same results - querying Google. Seems ? the _USA servers_ for Ixquick.com *no longer* give meta crawler results.

The statement on https://ixquick.com/eng/ixquick-merged-with-startpage.html?lmv=1, indicates the European servers for Ixquick still give meta crawler results. *" We think you're going to love StartPage, but if you prefer original Ixquick search results, don't worry. They are still available at www.ixquick.eu."* I guess they mean original meta search results.
Don't know what kind of results US users would get searching on Ixquick.eu.

The default search engine in TBB is Disconnect.me, which seems to default to privately searching Google.
Bing, Yahoo & DDG are its other choices.
I'm not sure if Tor Project gets any compensation for making Disconnect the default search engine .

Ixquick / Startpage are governed by Dutch laws.
Disconnect.me says they are governed by laws of the US & California.
Disconnect.me was started by (now former) Google employees. Perhaps not a selling feature for some users.
They are not located in Montenegro (.me).

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