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Re: [tor-talk] Start Page & Ixquick - same now

What about MetaGer? https://suma-ev.de/en/press/index.html

Joe Btfsplk:
> "On March 29, Ixquick merged with our hugely popular StartPage search
> engine."
> https://ixquick.com/eng/ixquick-merged-with-startpage.html?lmv=1
> This is apparently for the US.  Best I could tell, in the - US -,
> Ixquick.com & Startpage give same results - querying Google.
> Seems ? the _USA servers_ for Ixquick.com *no longer* give meta crawler
> results.
> The statement on
> https://ixquick.com/eng/ixquick-merged-with-startpage.html?lmv=1,
> indicates the European servers for Ixquick still give meta crawler results.
> *" We think you're going to love StartPage, but if you prefer original
> Ixquick search results, don't worry. They are still available at
> www.ixquick.eu."*  I guess they mean original meta search results.
> Don't know what kind of results US users would get searching on Ixquick.eu.
> The default search engine in TBB is Disconnect.me, which seems to
> default to privately searching Google.
> Bing, Yahoo & DDG are its other choices.
> I'm not sure if Tor Project gets any compensation for making Disconnect
> the default search engine .
> Ixquick / Startpage are governed by Dutch laws.
> Disconnect.me says they are governed by laws of the US & California.
> Disconnect.me was started by (now former) Google employees.  Perhaps not
> a selling feature for some users.
> They are not located in Montenegro (.me).
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