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Re: [tor-talk] Start Page & Ixquick - same now

On 4/3/2016 5:28 AM, mtsio wrote:
What about MetaGer? https://suma-ev.de/en/press/index.html

Yes., what about it? Sounds similar to other privacy conscious search engines, but most documentation on their site is in German. Very little I saw was in English. They do say, "IP addresses are neither recorded nor stored, and user information is not passed on to other search engines." But that's about it.

"MetaGer does not operate any servers outside of Germany and so falls exclusively under the privacy of the famously tough German data protection laws." Are German data protection laws famous or tough? Tough on whom - protecting individuals' privacy, or tough on catching criminals?

"The goals of SUMA-EV are also described in the statutes (currently available in German only), and in the 22 Theses of SUMA-EV. " To me, the "22 Theses" read a bit like idealized philosophy vs. any legal Privacy Policy or Terms of Service.

Maybe someone could find their privacy policy or TOS in English - or an accurate translation that some users might have to bet their freedom on.

I tried a search on MetaGer's English page - 'mozilla* firefox profile contents'. It returned only 15 hits.

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